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  1. Persian Springs

    Persian Springs

    4,00 £

    The story of five Iranians profoundly touched by the love of God. Only in English. 159 pages. بیشتر بدانید
  2. The Unfolding Design of My World

    The Unfolding Design of My World

    5,00 £

    The English autobiography of Bishop Hassan B. Dehqani-Tafti. 278 pages بیشتر بدانید
  3. Christ and Christianity in Persian Poetry

    Christ and Christianity in Persian Poetry

    1,50 £

    Text in English but quoted poems are in Persian. Based on a lecture that the author gave to the Iran Society in London in 1986. 36 pages بیشتر بدانید
  4. Too Many to Jail

    Too Many to Jail

    8,99 £

    In 1979, there were fewer than 500 known Christians from a Muslim background in Iran. Today there are at least 100,000 believers, some say up to a million. The church in Iran is one of the fastest growing in the world. But why are so many turning to Christ? Mark Bradley invites us to explore Iran's deep spiritual hunger, the deteriorating relationship between Iranians and their national religion, and the remarkable stories of a church growing too large to jail. 303 pages. بیشتر بدانید
  5. Joining the Family

    Joining the Family

    10,00 £

    This is a book about welcoming Christ's followers of Muslim background into his community. It equips individuals and churches to understand the new believers' needs, to care for them, and to help them grow in their faith. 210 pages. بیشتر بدانید
  6. Iran and Christianity: Historical Identity and Present Relevance

    Iran and Christianity: Historical Identity and Present Relevance

    22,00 £

    In this enlightening study Mark Bradley looks at the growing underground church in Iran. Given the hostility of the regime, it is often assumed that Christianity is withering in Iran, but in fact more Iranian Muslims have become Christians in the last 25 years than since the seventh century, when Islam first came to Iran. Beginning with an in-depth look at the historical identity of Iran, religiously, culturally and politically, Bradley shows how this identity makes Iranians inclined towards Christianity. He goes on to look at the impact of the 1979 revolution, an event which has brought war, economic chaos and totalitarianism to Iran, and its implications for Iranian faith. The study concludes with an analysis of church growth since 1979 and an examination of the emerging underground church. This is a fascinating work, guaranteed to improve any reader's knowledge of not only Iranian faith and church growth, but of Iranian culture and history as a whole thanks to the thorough treatment given to the country's background. The author, Mark Bradley, has been involved with the Iranian church for over 20 years and lectures in Church and Mission history. 197 pages. بیشتر بدانید
  7. By the Power of the Spirit - Stories of Iranian Christians

    By the Power of the Spirit - Stories of Iranian Christians

    3,00 £

    In "By the Power of the Spirit" author Kenneth J. Thomas particularly addresses present -day Iranian Christians scattered around the globe. Thomas hopes that others will read the book as well. He invites his readers to meet a few of the many Iranian Christians who lived throughout the centuries. Through the brief stories of these ancestors in faith, glimpses of the history of the Church emerge, beginning at Pentecost. 108 pages. بیشتر بدانید
  8. Learning Together (English)

    Learning Together (English)

    1,50 £

    This book by David Rushworth-Smith has 25 messages (chapters) for new believers beginning with the Bible, prayer, worship, and Christian fellowship. 52 pages. It is available in Persian on this webshop: http://shop.kalameh.com/learning-together-messages-for-new-believers.html بیشتر بدانید

8 مورد(ها)

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