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By the Power of the Spirit - Stories of Iranian Christians

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  • نویسنده: Kenneth J. Thomas
  • ناشر: Association of Iranian Presbyterian Churches and Fellowships in North America
  • تاریخ انتشار: 2015
  • نوع: Paperback
  • پهنا: 14
  • بلندی: 19.7
  • ضخامت: 0.6
  • وزن: 0.1300
  • کد: P11
  • شابک: 978-1-941693-05-6


In "By the Power of the Spirit" author Kenneth J. Thomas particularly addresses present -day Iranian Christians scattered around the globe. Thomas hopes that others will read the book as well. He invites his readers to meet a few of the many Iranian Christians who lived throughout the centuries. Through the brief stories of these ancestors in faith, glimpses of the history of the Church emerge, beginning at Pentecost. 108 pages.

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