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  1. Betrayed



    The true and moving story of a Jewish father who felt so betrayed when his daughter became a Christian, that he decided to investigate the new faith and prove it was wrong. But, his research was not so simple... 153 pages Learn More
  2. One Well with Two Sources

    One Well with Two Sources


    In this fascinating autobiography the Bishop traces his life from the small Iranian village of Taft to the quiet suburbs of Basingstoke, England. ('The Unfolding design of My World', the Bishop's autobiography in English available from Canterbury Press.) 477 pages Learn More
  3. Another Birth

    Another Birth


    Whether you have been a Christian for many years, or you know little about the faith, this collection of true stories about ordinary Iranians will move and inspire you. 124 pages. Learn More
  4. I Dared to Call Him Father

    I Dared to Call Him Father


    The true story of how God revealed Himself to an upper class lady in a religious culture completely cut off from Christianity. 222 pages Learn More
  5. Tortured For Christ

    Tortured For Christ


    Richard Wurmbrand's powerful testimony of his imprisonment and torture by the Romanian secret police in the 1950s and 1960s. 180 pages. Learn More
  6. Tortured for His Faith

    Tortured for His Faith


    Haralan Popov was a well-known and committed minister in Bulgaria when he was arrested and sentenced to 15 years imprisonment as an American spy, at a widely publicized trial in Sofia. Enduring torture and brainwashing in 16 communist prisons and labor camps during 13 years, Haralan Popov remained faithful to God. Also after his miraculous release Popov continued serving the Lord. 203 pages. Learn More

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