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Joining the Family

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  • نویسنده: Tim Green and Roxy
  • ناشر: Interserve
  • تاریخ انتشار: 2016
  • نوع: Paperback
  • پهنا: 15
  • بلندی: 23
  • ضخامت: 1.2
  • وزن: 0.4020
  • کد: P17
  • شابک: 9780992861056


This is a book about welcoming Christ's followers of Muslim background into his community. It equips individuals and churches to understand the new believers' needs, to care for them, and to help them grow in their faith. 210 pages. Only in English. In addition to the book the "Joining the Family" course is also available. The course consists of the above mentioned book, a facilitator's guide, a participants' workbook and a USB memory stick with 6 video discussion sessions and worksheets. Please e-mail us if you would like to buy the course which is £40.00. For more information visit: www.joiningthefamily.org
Contents of the book:
Chapter 1: Why this Book?
Chapter 2: Birth Community
Chapter 3: Birth identity to new identity in Christ
Chapter 4: Christ's Community
Chapter 5: Being 'close family'to your friend
Chapter 6: Going deeper in the friendship
Chapter 7: Growing in Christ
Chapter 8: Life Structure
Chapter 9: Continuing relationship with birth community
Chapter 10: Especially for church leaders
Chapter 11: Welcoming asylum seekers in the church
Chapter 12: The long journey home

Joining the Family

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