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Too Many to Jail

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  • نویسنده: Mark Bradley
  • ناشر: Monarch Books
  • تاریخ انتشار: 2014
  • نوع: Paperback
  • پهنا: 12.7
  • بلندی: 19.6
  • ضخامت: 2.3
  • وزن: 0.2960
  • کد: P02
  • شابک: 978-0-85721-596-3


In 1979, there were fewer than 500 known Christians from a Muslim background in Iran. Today there are at least 100,000 believers. Church leaders believe that millions can be added to the church in the next few years - such is the spiritual hunger that exists. The religious violence that accompanied the reign of President Ahmadinejad drained its perpetrators of political and religious legitimacy, and has opened the door to other faiths. This book sets the rapid church growth in Iran in the context of the deteriorating relationship between Iranians and their national religion. There is a major focus on the Ahmadinejad years, but the author also covers the history of the church before 1979, developing the central idea that the spark may have become buried in the ashes, but has never been extinguished. The book is careful, proportionate, well-informed and accurate. Throughout the text there are stories of faith, persecution, and encouragement. 303 pages.

Too Many to Jail

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