The Kingdom, The Power, & The Glory (DVDs)

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New Testament Survey, part of the Christian Service Course. 9 lectures on 3 DVDs by Hessam Mortazavi.

These 9 lectures by Hessam Mortazavi is a survey of the New Testament, the new covenant that God made with mankind through Jesus Christ. The New Testament speaks of how God saved us from perishing eternally. It also speaks about how we can enter his kingdom through Christ and daily experience his power. This series gives a short overview of all the books of the New Testament. It thereafter looks at the books that tells about the life and ministry of Christ on earth. In addition, subjects related to the founding of the church and how it spread throughout the Roman empire is discussed, and the listener will accompany the apostles and believers who took the good news to the world. The last part of this course deals with subjects related to how the text of the New Testament was transmitted and came to us. It shows how we today can trust in the word of God in order to know and serve Him. These lectures are related to the book "The Kingdom, the Power and the Glory", part of the Christian Service Course.
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