New Testament Survey

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This course is intentionally a literary approach to understanding the New Testament and is not intended to be a survey course. More attention is given to understanding literature—especially divinely sponsored literature—than is given to surveying the specific contents of each book. The overarching goal is to prepare students to appreciate and understand the New Testament more fully in its divinely ordained original context. The intent is that this understanding will better equip students to be faithful in interpreting the Word more closely to the authorial intent.■ Distributed education course designed in a mastery-learning format adaptable to individual or group study

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عهدجدید در این کتاب به‌طور مفصل و ادیبانه مورد بررسی قرار می‌گیرد. این کتاب برای دانشجویان کتاب‌مقدس و نیز برای کسانی که می‌‌خواهند از عهدجدید شناخت بهتری داشته باشید، بسیار مفید و ضروری است.
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