Brown PU cover (imitation leather) Sarif. Medium Size. Two markers. Third printing. 1680 pages. About the New Millennium Translation: New Millennium Version (NMV) is a completely new translation of the whole Bible based on the original Greek and Hebrew texts. It is not a revision of the Old Farsi Bible. The aim from the start was to produce a standard version for study, teaching, preaching and liturgy, a translation that was accurate, elegant and easily understandable. An additional goal also was that the translation would become a base text to be used for Bible translation into other Iranian regional languages. Overall, NMV, is comparable to ESV, though not a translation of it. Rather ESV has been looked at more like a model for our translation. We have tried to remain as close as possible to the original, with the least amount of interpretation, while not losing the meaning. We have also had the literary impact of the translation in view. For example, where the original was in poetic form, we have tried to keep the same flavour in Farsi, as it is clearly seen in the Psalms, Proverbs, and the prophetic books.
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