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  1. What is Christianity?

    What is Christianity?


    A sensitive and clear presentation of Christian doctrine and practice with an invitation to read God's Word and become a child of God. The best, easy-to-read book for an overview of the Christian faith. Translation of Beliefs and Practices of Christians (Letter to a Friend) by William Miller. 88 pages. Learn More
  2. How Good is Good Enough?

    How Good is Good Enough?


    Since Nobody's Perfect...How Good is Good Enough? Most people thing being good leads to eternal life. Find out now what's wrong with the most popular theory about heaven -- and what it really takes to get there. 104 pages. Learn More
  3. What Was God Doing on the Cross?

    What Was God Doing on the Cross?


    A book that brings to life the story of the cross and the resurrection--and impresses upon us the almost unbelievable truth that God allowed himself to be executed for our sake. McGrath challenges us to think and speak about the cross with freshness, directness, and vitality. 111 pages. Learn More
  4. A History of Christianity in Asia, Volume 1.

    A History of Christianity in Asia, Volume 1.


    Moffett’s volume one, which covers the history of Christianity in Asia from beginnings to 1500, has become an important resource and authoritative reference book for students and scholars who follow the history of Christianity in Asia. .439 pages. Learn More
  5. Deep Truth

    Deep Truth


    A deeper look at the great foundations of the Christian faith. Main chapters: God; Christ; The Cross; The Resurrection; The Holy Spirit. Written by Dr. Mehrdad Fatehi, well-known theologian and teacher in the Persian Christian world. Written in Persian for Persians. 184 pages. Learn More
  6. Tortured for His Faith

    Tortured for His Faith


    Haralan Popov was a well-known and committed minister in Bulgaria when he was arrested and sentenced to 15 years imprisonment as an American spy, at a widely publicized trial in Sofia. Enduring torture and brainwashing in 16 communist prisons and labor camps during 13 years, Haralan Popov remained faithful to God. Also after his miraculous release Popov continued serving the Lord. 203 pages. Learn More
  7. A Look at the Trinity.

    A Look at the Trinity.


    Iranian theologian Dr. Mehrdad Fatehi is the author of this important book which in Persian has the title "The Trinity - A Look at the God of the Christians". The mystery of the Trinity is difficult to understand for anyone, but maybe even more so for believers from Muslim background. The author has divided the book into two parts: 1)"The Trinity's foundations", which looks at the trinity in the Old and New Testament, the history of how the teaching of the Trinity developed, and what the teaching is, and 2)"The Trinity in Christian belief and living". As the number of Iranian followers of Christ grows rapidly in these days, this is a very helpful and important book, written by an Iranian for Iranians. 257 pages. Learn More
  8. When Heaven is Silent

    When Heaven is Silent


    Ron Dunn takes you on a journey through the storms of life and leads you into the light and love of a sovereign God who holds your pain and sorrow in His nail-scarred hands. Learn how to see God at work in difficult circumstances with this empathetic and insightful look at suffering and loss. 236 pages. Learn More
  9. Alpha Questions of Life

    Alpha Questions of Life


    This is the Persian translation of the book that contains the talks from the Alpha course. Nicky Gumbel tackles, with honesty and common sense, some of the key questions we will face when we give consideration to the claims of Christianity, and points the way to an authentic faith that is exciting and relevant to today's world. Essential reading for anyone involved in an Alpha course. 253 pages. Learn More
  10. Celebration of Discipline

    Celebration of Discipline


    This is the Persian translation of Richard Foster's classic book. The author explores the central spiritual practices of the Christian faith and provides a path to spiritual growth. The book celebrates twelve “classical disciplines,” which are divided into three categories, or movements of the Spirit: inward, outward, and corporate. Foster offers insights and examples of how these disciplines can become a part of our daily lives and bring us closer to God. 244 pages. Learn More

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