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Iran and Christianity: Historical Identity and Present Relevance

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  • نویسنده: Mark Bradley
  • ناشر: Continuum International Publishing Group
  • تاریخ انتشار: 2008
  • نوع: Paperback
  • پهنا: 16
  • بلندی: 23.3
  • ضخامت: 1.1
  • وزن: 0.3430
  • کد: P08
  • شابک: 978-1-4411-1167-8


In this enlightening study Mark Bradley looks at the growing underground church in Iran. Given the hostility of the regime, it is often assumed that Christianity is withering in Iran, but in fact more Iranian Muslims have become Christians in the last 25 years than since the seventh century, when Islam first came to Iran. Beginning with an in-depth look at the historical identity of Iran, religiously, culturally and politically, Bradley shows how this identity makes Iranians inclined towards Christianity. He goes on to look at the impact of the 1979 revolution, an event which has brought war, economic chaos and totalitarianism to Iran, and its implications for Iranian faith. The study concludes with an analysis of church growth since 1979 and an examination of the emerging underground church. This is a fascinating work, guaranteed to improve any reader's knowledge of not only Iranian faith and church growth, but of Iranian culture and history as a whole thanks to the thorough treatment given to the country's background. The author, Mark Bradley, has been involved with the Iranian church for over 20 years and lectures in Church and Mission history.
197 pages.

Iran and Christianity: Historical Identity and Present Relevance

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